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#BNBookHaul – What I Picked Up

Here are my picks from the Barnes & Noble Book Haul. I love this place and honestly just became hip to the book haul this year; I’ve been a member of Barnes & Noble for YEARS! I cannot wait to rip into these books. I know my TBR shelves are shading me every time I get a new book because at this point it’s ridiculous. Oh well! Comment below with the books that you happened to pick up during the haul.

Want to Read

July Buys

My “Want to Read list is extremely long, but I figured every book lover’s is. I recently picked up a few books that I absolutely cannot wait to read. I always open books and read a tiny excerpt before buying. This is not always a great reason to buy a book, but I’ve found it to be somewhat helpful. Read the excerpts below for my four July buys that I’m looking forward to reading.

  1. The Ash Family by Molly Dektar

    • Excerpt from Chapter One: Bay and I approached the farm at dawn. The first sun churned sideways through the trees, catching in the previous day’s rain, which the wind now shook down from the Carolina silverbells, the beeches, and the poplars. I rolled down the window and heard the forest fizzing.

  2. Three Women by Lisa Taddeo

    • Excerpt from Prologue: When my mother was a young woman a man used to follow her to work every morning and masturbate, in step behind her. My mother had only a fifth-grade education and a dowry of medium-grade linen dish towels, but she was beautiful. It’s still the first way I think of to describe her. Her hair was the color of the chocolates you get in the Tirolean Alps and she always wore it the same way—short curls piled high.

  3. A Nearly Normal Family by M.T. Edvardsson

    • Excerpt from Part One: The Father: We were a perfectly ordinary family. We had interesting well-paid jobs and an extensive circle of friends. We kept active in our free time thanks to our interest in sports and culture.

  4. Things You Save in a Fire by Katherine Center

    • Excerpt from Chapter One: The night I became the youngest person — and the only female ever — to win the Austin Fire Department’s valor award, I got propositioned by my partner.


      At the ceremony. In the ballroom. During dinner.

What helps you determine what you’re going to get while book shopping?